Message from the Pastor

The world in which we live must change so that we might experience the fulfillment of the scriptures. Heraclitus said, "you cannot step into the same river twice" which meant the waters in the river are constantly moving and the waters, into which you stepped on yesterday to cross is a different water, today, tomorrow and into the future.

The society in which we live is ever changing for the better or the worst. These times when war, terror and threats are looming over our heads, the sanctity of marriage has become a target to those who embrace same sex marriages. The family is being bombarded with issues that have never challenged us before. As a church, we need to hold true to the Christian values that have brought us thus far.

As your leader, I will aggressively defend, protect and challenge any persons or entites that seek to destroy the spiritual fiber of our beliefs. I will watch for the souls of the Saints and alert them of ensuing dangers. Finally, my brethren, please know that as a boy coming up in the church, I learned immeasurable life long spiritual lessons from you that I cherish but, the greatest lesson I learned was to love you with the love of God.

The Church Of God In Christ has afforded me invaluable experiences and priceless opportunities and with the treasured years remaining I want to be an instrument in setting the Church Of God In Christ on a course that will ensure a "legacy of holiness." And Alway's remember to do the Right Thing and God will bless you!!

Superintendent Melvin L.Howard Sr, Pastor.